Production of LED modules:

     LED screen consists of individual LED LED modules, which consist of hundreds of thousands of LEDs and the micro circuits. If you look at LED LED screen, we can see the LEDs (small bulbs) in three colors - R red, G green, B blue. The main characteristic of the LED module is the distance between pixels (pixel pitch), the smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels per unit area m2 and accordingly higher image quality. LED modules can be built on the technology in the pixel 3 or 4 LEDs, as well as technology SMD (one LED - multi color) Making LED modules are interconnected by means of input and output video controller board that allows you to create a single image on the LED screen. LED screen dimensions, may be any according to the requirements of the customer, but it will always be a multiple of the size of the module used. Below is the process of production of LED modules and LED screen.



We produce LED products of high quality. Closed cycle of production in our company enables quality control at all stages of manufacturing LED products.




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We serve more than 350 units of LED products among our customers. We are trusted by both public and commercial enterprises and companies of Ukraine and the EU.

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